Rise and Shine!

Hi!  Thanks for stopping by and reading our blog.  I’m the second member of the group and wanted to share some of my initial thoughts on the topic.

I usually get to my classes early.  I find this is good time to get myself prepared or just chat with the students while we are waiting for the class to begin.  A frequent exchange that usually happens near the end of a course is one student will say “You know Mr. Riley, I just wanted to let you know that this is the only class I am taking that I have never missed.”  I expect the other students to laugh, but usually some of the others make the same claim.  I am always surprised by this and ask them “Really?”.  They confirm this and then I ask “Why?”.

Their responses always amaze me.  They say things like “I know this class won’t be boring”, “We always do something interesting or fun”, or “I don’t want to miss out on anything”.  There is general agreement in the room.

 Usually by this time class is ready to start and I don’t think much more about it.  However, when I do have time to think about it I try to figure out what it is that I am doing differently from many of my colleagues.  I really didn’t think there was that much of a difference.

 It turns out that what the students were liking about my course was the Pleasure aspect.  I had never really considered it from this angle.  I just thought I had a few interactive activities that I did that was making the difference.

 After talking with Anne and Karen about this topic and presentation, it occurred to me that Pleasure in Learning was a vastly underrated and underused approach to teaching.  I was happy to learn that my colleagues had the same approach to their classrooms as I did to mine and am happy to be able to share these ideas with other colleagues in the hopes that students of all classes will be able to find them more entertaining, pleasureable, and successful…..

…….and I hope to be able to hear in the future that my students are attending ALL of their classes for ALL semester and not just mine.  🙂



One comment on “Rise and Shine!

  1. […] after all, one of the original pleasures in learning that we identified as we started this blog. Pat Riley, one of the founders, and Dr. Kevin Felton have written here about the use of humor to enhance […]

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