Clever Clip(s)

The thread of storytelling (thanks again to Andy Goodman!) runs through this week’s posts.  To call the following clips “clever” seems inappropriate, since they tell some very personal and emotional stories.  My A&P I students learn about the senses during the very last days of class, when they are tired, their minds are full like overstuffed suitcases, and their other classes’ deadlines are screaming for their attention.  As the “eighteenth fairway syndrome” kicks in, I try to persuade them that this last material is important to them and their future patients.

Here, a woman hears for the first time:

A truly charming gentleman sees his family:

This one is longer, but I do love hearing Lisa talk about discovering color and finally seeing a squirrel:

I have learned that when I show these, I had better have a good supply of tissues.  After seeing these, my students are ready to learn about hearing and vision.  I imagine that these clips could also be used in the behavioral sciences to illustrate the importance of sensory information or in writing classes as prompts to encourage students to imagine what these experiences would be like for themselves.   —Karen

Do you have favorite “clever clips” that you use in your teaching?  We would really like to see them and to hear about your experiences with video in the classroom.

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