Super Site of the Week

If our little blog ever grew up to a big blog, we hope it might look something like The Brilliant Blog by Annie Murphy Paul.  A quick visit to the blog today left us itching to read “When Co-Workers Should Ask You for Help–and When They Should Leave You Alone” and “Reading History Like a Historian.”  I probably need to sneak a peek at “Grammar Gaffes in the Workplace” as well, but that might be too painful. 

Then I noticed “Before Bed, A Math Problem” and “Do You Have a Rage to Learn?”  Hmm…I hope so…I’m pretty sure I used to have something like that.

Any science-of-learning junkie could spend a long time browsing this site.  This might be a great site to shop for new strategies for our classes, or just a jolt of energy for the start of a new academic year.  So we’re adding it to our blogroll.



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