Woo-Hoo! Annie Murphy Paul Appears in Our Blog!

After we pointed you toward Annie Murphy Paul’s “The Brilliant Blog” last week, we dropped her a line to let her know we admired her.  We were amazed when she not only sent a prompt and gracious reply but also generously offered to allow us to re-post one of her pieces that fits out mission perfectly.

If you are not familiar with Ms. Murphy’s work, here’s an introduction from her website:


“Annie Murphy Paul is a book author, magazine journalist, consultant and speaker who helps people understand how we learn and how we can do it better. A contributing writer for Time magazine, she writes a weekly column about learning for Time.com, and also blogs about learning at CNN.com, Forbes.com, MindShift.com, PsychologyToday.com and HuffingtonPost.com. She contributes toThe New York Times Magazine, The New York Times Book Review, Slate, and O, The Oprah Magazine, among many other publications. She is the author of The Cult of Personality, a cultural history and scientific critique of personality tests, and of Origins, a book about the science of prenatal influences. She is now at work on Brilliant: The New Science of Smart, to be published by Crown in 2013.”

Check in Monday to see her thoughts on “Where’s the Joy in Learning?”



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