Try It, You’ll Like It

In the arduous task of developing and “building” our classes each term or semester, we select items we find interesting and quite enticing. These are the articles, books, or stories which we have on our bookcases, in our homes or in our offices that are inspirational or pertinent to our fields. We must then step back to consider our student population: Exactly how many are going to be drawn to the material we provide? Will they find it interesting and informative?

The website ScienceDaily, previously featured as a Super Site in this blog, is one that I provide for my students.  I spend several days each term referencing materials I have found in ScienceDaily that are applicable to my psychology classes. I am always hoping that maybe some of my students will find it interesting and begin to use the source for additional material. Here are some examples:

I entered class one day to find one of the students as excited as a child on Christmas morning, holding up a copy of one of the articles supplied by ScienceDaily. The look of surprise on her face was almost one of disbelief!  She was hooked! Who would have thought? For the rest of the term she sang the praises of the material she found and elaborated on the practical uses of the information she was finding. Because of her enthusiasm, several of the class members were also convinced.

If you have not examined this reference, I urge you to do so. You, too, might be  surprised and intoxicated by what you find. It has happened to some of the most unsuspecting of students.


pleasureteam notes: Can you guess what product featured “Try It, You’ll Like It”  as an advertising slogan?  And in what year?  Click here to find out!

Have your students embraced materials that you’ve introduced them to?   Please share your experiences.

One comment on “Try It, You’ll Like It

  1. kencasey99 says:

    Thanks Anne–those articles really do look good

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