Super Site of the Week: A Gift from Down Under

While paddling along through the web this week, I wandered into Guidelines on Learning that Inform Teaching and immediately felt right at home.  Half a world away, Adrian Lee, Emeritus Professor at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, has been thinking about some of the same topics that float our pleasureinlearning boat.

The sixteen “Guidelines” featured on the site are drawn from literature and experience, and feature brief justification for each Guideline as well as a toolkit document to assist instructors in reflecting on how that Guideline might enahance their own teaching.  Guideline #3, for example, is “Fun,” and includes the following:

Learning should be pleasurable. There is no rule against hard work being fun.” Ramsden, P. 1992, Learning to Teach in Higher Education, Routledge, London, p. 102.

The site also includes discipline-specific “exemplars.”  I took a look at a first computer science lecture ….the accent alone is worth the click.  (And the lecturer’s opening remarks reminded me of Kevin Felton’s Two-Joke Minimum.)

Another link led me to this short video highlighting an active learning classroom:

It’s great to know that college instructors all around the world are interested in enhancing students’ learning experience and are willing to share their ideas.  That’s what keeps us going here!


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