Tool of the Week: Color

Full disclosure #1: I am pathologically fond of office supplies.

English: A bulk of paper-clips in several colo...

English: A bulk of paper-clips in several colors Deutsch: Box mit farbigen Büroklammern (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Full disclosure #2: I am organizationally challenged.

A hazard of teaching courses with similar numbers, titles  and closely related content is the daily opportunity to grab the wrong stack of papers en route to class. If you have ever muttered your way through a challenging upload of materials onto an online teaching tool, only to discover that the stubborn files have been deposited into the wrong class (aargh!  not again!), or sent a group email to the wrong set of students, then you are a kindred spirit. If you can’t picture…or remember…yourself in such a situation, you may stop reading now.

English: A "Pentachromatic" color wh...

English: A “Pentachromatic” color wheel with five colors. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Assuming that your retinas have the standard package of cone receptors, you already have a powerful tool to help solve the problem: You can distinguish colors.  For the last few terms, I have assigned each of my classes a specific color.  If you are in my purple class, your BlackBoard menu is purple, the paper clips on your exams are purple, the folder those exams live in is purple….you get my drift.  My continuing students are even excited when they “move up” to a new color, rather like martial arts students who earn a new belt color at each skill level.

Do you have a trick for distinguishing your classes from one another?  Do you have another organizational tip?  Please share!


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