Prezi: One Cool Tool

Prezi Logo

Step aside PowerPoint; there’s a new method for presenting lectures. Free to educators (and students), Prezi is an on-line program with distinct features that make learning pleasurable:

  1. It helps students see the big picture of the concept you’re teaching.
  2. It shows the relationship between the parts and the whole.
  3. It’s just fun to watch.

To see an example of a presentation I created for my English classes on sentence essentials, click here:

Picture 2

Afterwards, explore to learn more, set up your free account, and start creating. You’ll find several templates from which to choose and discover that you can easily import photos and easily embed YouTube videos, just as I did in this link.

pleasureteamnote: If you would like to see the pleasureteam prezi that led to the creation of this blog, click here.

Picture 5

Our favorite “how to” video for making prezis will appear when you click here and a great example by Ned Potter here.


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