Tech Tuesday: Pinning Files

As the resident Techie posting on this blog, I am introducing a new convention.  On each Tech Tuesday I will share a quick tech tip.  Technology in the classroom and the workplace sometimes hinders more than it helps.  With regular tech tips, I hope to help you become more competent and effective with your technology so that it can be an asset to you and your classroom! 


Throughout the term, I regularly reference certain documents.  I use syllabi, performance evaluation documents, and advising aids.  To make them easily accessible, I pin the files to my taskbar.

To Pin:Pinning Files

  1. Right click on an icon on your task bar to view the “Recent Files” List.
  2. Click on the pin to the right of your desired file.  The pin will magically appear when you place your mouse on the recent file.

To Access Pins:

  1. Right click on an icon on your task bar.


Simple!  Now you can easily jot down something you did on your performance review document or quickly quote the syllabus to support a decision you made.  As you are working, be sure to look for other ways to pin programs and files to the taskbar and start menu.


2 comments on “Tech Tuesday: Pinning Files

  1. Thanks, Kristen! The Oldies of 227 didn’t know how to do this, and we figured it out together using your directions. Thanks for helping us save our aging brains…and for reminding us that it is both challenging and satisfying to be learners!

  2. Kristen Lancaster says:

    I should probably not say anything snarky about old dogs and new tricks. Hehe. Glad you got a little pleasure out of learning something new. Not everyone derives pleasure out of learning something challenging. Perhaps pleasure in learning is a choice.

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