Clever Clip: The Skin You’re In

Our anatomy and physiology text introduces each body system with a list of the functions of that system and an explanation of the system’s importance to the body as a whole.  This can be snooze-inducing if not handled skillfully.  YouTube can provide a welcome wake up call.  Since many students have a decided interest in seeing attractive naked people, I introduce the chapter on skin with this beguiling minute, courtesy of the folks who make Vaseline:

The ad was also produced in a slightly different British version and another with an American narration.  YouTube also offers a video about the making of the ad.

In only one minute, we’ve incorporated sensual pleasure and surprise into the class while helping to make learning the functions of the skin an achievable challenge. After showing Sea of Skin,  my biggest challenge is keeping the students’ engagement level as high throughout the class.


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