Super Site of the Week:Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Our campus director, the logistical magician we know as Allisha Lee, sent us this link earlier in the week. (She’s supposed to be on vacation, so we’re flattered that she’s thinking of us!)  Educational Technology and Mobile Learning features a post, “The 33 Digital Skills Every 21st Century Teacher Should Have”  Wow!  This is some toy box.


We were gratified to see some old friends that we have previously featured in this blog, like Animoto and Prezi, and we remembered a few that we’d forgotten who deserve a mention, like Wordle.  But what REALLY excited us was the cornucopia of lists of tools just waiting to be taken for a spin.  I’m especially eager to dig into the section on graphic organizers, since I use a lot of those in my classes and am always on the lookout for fresh ideas.

We’ll keep you posted on the best treasures that we find here, and we hope you will share any that you enjoy and use in your classes.


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