Ending on an Up Note: Think Young

Laughter is purported to help cool our brains, and struggling to master anatomy & physiology can leave my students’ brains feeling overheated. (Yawning may cool our CPU’s, too, and provides a reliable signal that it’s time for a change of pace.) Class traditions offer the pleasure of belonging to a group. One of ours is viewing ads that relate to the subject we are studying. Sometimes we watch an ad just to provide a little relief from the uphill march of learning.

One of our class mantras is, “No one was born knowing this stuff, including the teacher.” It’s easy for us oldies to forget how it felt to be as young as some of our students…or even younger.  My class liked this ad so much that they demanded a replay, proof of the pleasure to be found in humor and surprise. (Don’t miss the little dog at the end.)

With thanks to the folks who bring us Evian water:

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