Tech Tuesday: PowerPoint Presenter View

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At every seminar I go to, someone is touting that their secret sauce in the classroom is that they managed to get away from PowerPoint slides.  When I conducted my poll about your interests I was amazed that PowerPoint got the most votes.  (Depending on the way you view the tech Tuesday posts, you might not have seen my poll.  If you didn’t vote, you still can!)  It seems that PowerPoint actually has value and that most of us are still using it to some degree.  In honor of your requests, today is the first in a series of four PowerPoint tips.

Student engagement is a significant key to learning and we could all stand to use a little less PowerPoint.  However, as a student, I like a good PowerPoint because I am a visual learner.  No matter what awesome progressive teaching tactics are being used, I can process a lesson much better with text and/or images on a slide to support the lesson content.

Whenever I use PowerPoint I like to use the Notes Pane to record questions I wish to ask students or the instructions for small group activities.  Unfortunately, the traditional PowerPoint setup involves having the same image on the screen as on the computer from which you are presenting.  All of that can be changed with one little setting.  Use the Presenter View check box on the Slide Show tab.  This setting causes the computer screen to display presenter notes and other information valuable to the presenter.  The image shown here is for PowerPoint 2013.  Previous versions work similarly.

The image on the left is the same as the image on the screen.  The slide on the top right is the next slide.  In this case it represents the end of the show as there are no other slides.  The notes for this slide are on the bottom right.

Presenter View


One comment on “Tech Tuesday: PowerPoint Presenter View

  1. Kristen, you are amazing! I had wondered about how to use the notes pane, not only for questions, but to hide the answers to my bell ringer questions. I can’t wait to start using this tip, and I look forward to the PowerPoint tips that follow. Thanks for sharing.

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