Tech Tuesday: First Line and Hanging Indent in Word

Each Tuesday, pleasureinlearning brings you Tech Tuesday.  Come back each week for more ways to become efficient and effective in your use of technology. 


Last week, we discussed Tab Stops.  This week’s topic will round out your knowledge of indenting by introducing you to First Line Indent and Hanging Indent.  These two paragraph formatting options control the indent of the first line of the paragraph and the remaining lines, respectively.  Like last week, setting these options early is preferred because paragraph formatting carries over to each successive paragraph.

Observe each of them in action.  Note that in both examples, the Tab key is NOT used at all.

First Line Indent

First Line Indent

Hanging Indent

Hanging Indent

The easiest way to set the indent is to use the little triangles in the hourglass on the ruler.  The top one is for the First Line Indent and the bottom one is for the Hanging Indent.  Indent MarkersYou can also set them via the Paragraph Dialog Box.  To access, click the Dialog Box Launcher in the Paragraph group.  Once you access the Dialog Box, look for the Special Indent selector.Paragraph Dialog Box Launcher

Happy Tuesday!


One comment on “Tech Tuesday: First Line and Hanging Indent in Word

  1. Brian says:

    I like this, especially since MLA papers ask for the hanging indent on the works cited entries.

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