Ending on an Up Note: Woohoo! Top 30%

A preview of the results of Gallup’s upcoming “State of the American Workplace” popped up in multiple media outlets a few days ago. Only 30% of workers report that they are “actively engaged” with their jobs…and fully 18% describe themselves as “actively disengaged.” Finally, I’m in the top 30% of something.

It will be interesting to see if the report provides a distribution of engagement by job. My field observations at our college are cause for optimism. If my colleagues aren’t engaged, they should all be teaching theater arts. Not everyone can claim “Whistle While You Work” as a theme song, but neither would they choose “Working on the Chain Gang.” (Here’s Laurence Fishburne leading the song in this scene from Cadence:

Like any job, teaching college has its less-than-lovely aspects, but our work also offers some great rewards. So, even if we aren’t going to find ourselves on a Forbes list or a red carpet anytime soon, maybe we can nod our heads in agreement with the little girl in this currently popular commercial:

Like a lot of our students— and a lot of us—the little girl at the end of the spot sets out from a less-than-affluent home, fearlessly claiming her spot in life.  Something tells me she’ll end up in the top 30%, too.


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