Super Site of the Week: The Resource Room

OK, I need to indulge in a bit of blatant girliness here, so gentlemen reading this will just have to use their imaginations or seek context from any nearby ladies who shop. Before my maiden voyage to Charming Charlie, a veritable bazaar of fashion accessories irresistibly displayed, a good friend warned me that “you should make a list because it’s overwhelming once you’re in there.”

She was right, and I thought of that experience and advice when I clicked to Resource Room: Free-Spirited Structured Multisensory Learning. I found myself there after our blog received a positive comment from xiousgeonz (to see her Gravatar profile, click here—the photo on the page is worth the click.)  Resource Room is her brainchild, and wandering through all the great stuff there is just as exciting as a foray into a fabulous store (but so much easier on the wallet.)

Picture 2

The site’s tabs offer clues to what lies beneath, but, just as in a great shopping sortee, you have to dig to find the good stuff. My favorite treasure was lurking under the “Older Learners” tab. “Using the Resource Room to Support Content Areas: Teaching the Periodic Table” offers a lucid, interactive, non-threatening introduction to the basic chemistry that intimidates so many of my A&P students. Anyone teaching a college readiness class like GEN 102 at our school could use “Big Ideas in Hidden Curriculum.” (Heck, I wish someone had told me that stuff about forty years ago.) For math folks, there are simply too many fabulous goodies to list here. If you teach writing, go get some coffee now…you’re going to be here awhile.

You are tired of reading, and I am tired of typing, so click on over to the site and explore.  If you find something great….and you will…please comment!

Notes for the curious: When xiousgeonz first found pleasureinlearning, I couldn’t imagine who this person might be. To view the “About” page of her blog and learn the origin of her moniker, click here.

To see xiousgeonz’s blog, click here. (We at pleasureinlearning are so happy to have found a kindred spirit.)


4 comments on “Super Site of the Week: The Resource Room

  1. xiousgeonz says:

    Blushing 🙂 When I left The New Community School, I spent six months (grant thing) at WETA in 1998 and and to my amazement learned that it was basically Candace Cortiella who had managed to get that *amazing* assemblage of resources online. So, I made my own site, with the goal of adding two or three things per week, mainly things from files… that I felt shouldn’t be in a drawer somewhere if they could get a teacher an extra hour of sleep … I remembered those days.
    Thanks so much for the encouragement (and the nudge to go back and do things like update link lists!)

    • Our purpose here is to encourage one another to think about the power of pleasure as a learning tool, making the whole process more fun and effective for students and teachers alike. It’s wonderful when technology lets us meet like-minded souls that we might never get to know otherwise. I have already found several things on your site that I am going to use in my teaching, and I’m betting others will as well. Thanks for all your hard work and for your generosity in sharing.

  2. xiousgeonz says:

    And I had utterly forgotten a bout that “hidden curriculum” essay, and that subject has “come around again on the guitar” this year, so I don’t have to reinvent that little explanation. Thanks!

  3. […] and got  some happy returns of the day as Karen Dougherty picked my site for her “Super Site of the Week”  (and I”m blushing ). […]

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