Tech Tuesday: Screenshots using the Snipping Tool

Each Tuesday, pleasureinlearning brings you Tech Tuesday.  Come back each week for more ways to become efficient and effective in your use of technology. 


Not all situations where you need a screenshot are created equal.  This week I will show you the Snipping Tool.  This is a little piece of software that comes with Windows (since Vista).  You can search for it from the Start Menu.  (By the way, did you know that you can do all of that without leaving the keyboard?  Just press the Windows key and then start typing Snipping Tool.  When it appears and is highlighted, press Enter.)  I use the Snipping Tool for most screenshots on this blog because the image goes directly to a file.  There is one more option for screenshots that I will show you next week.

Snipping Tool

When you first open the Snipping Tool it will behave similarly to the Office Screenshot tool I showed you last week.  The screen will become hazy and you can select a rectangle from the screen.  If you want a different option, use the little arrow next to the New button.  The full-screen and window snips are pretty useful.  Once you have taken the snip, it will open in an editor where you can scribble on it or highlight a component and then save it.

By default your snip is also copied to your clipboard in case you want to paste it somewhere.

Prefer a video?  See the Snipping Tool in action here.

Simple as that!


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