Web Page of the Week: Top 10 Requirements of Good Teaching

English: a pile of pencils

English: a pile of pencils (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While plundering all the great materials in Honolulu Community College’s Teaching Tips IndexI found this link to a University of Colorado group newsletter detailing a list compiled by Dr. Richard Leblanc, winner of the 1998 Seymous Schulich Award for Teaching Excellence. The list was originally found in “Good Teaching: The Top Ten Requirements,” published in The Teaching Professor, Vol. 12, # 6, 1998.

While the entire list was inspiring, I have plucked a few items that make me want to cheer. Notice how they validate some of our cherished beliefs here at pleasureinlearning.com

Leblanc urges us to be passionate about our craft:

“It’s about caring for your craft, having a passion for it, and conveying that passion to everyone, most importantly to your students.”

Tip #5 gives us permission (as though we needed it) to be “entertaining”:

“Should good teaching be entertaining? You bet! Does this mean that it lacks in substance? Not a chance! Effective teaching is not about being locked with both hands glued to a podium or having your eyes fixated on a slide projector while you drone on.”

Tip #6 is the cherry on top, as Leblanc acknowledges the value of humor:

“GOOD TEACHING is about humor. This is very important. It’s about being self-deprecating and not taking yourself too seriously.”

You can see all the tips by clicking on the link above.  I’m adding meeting Leblanc to my bucket list.  To see more about him, click here.

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