Teaching Someone to Make Coffee

B picLet’s look at Marlena. Her husband, Otis, depends entirely upon her for his coffee. When the alarm goes off in the morning, he saunters into the kitchen where Marlena puts a cup of coffee down in front of him with cream and sugar according to his liking.

She wants to teach him how to make coffee. First she shows him how to hit the on button so that the next morning he will be able to do it. She shows him where the cream is in the frig, and where the sugar is, and she points him to the spoons and napkins. That goes well. Otis is on his way.English: A photo of a cup of coffee. Esperanto...

Now Marlena wants to stretch Otis a little more, so after he beams a few days over making the coffee, she shows him where the coffee filters are, how to put water into the coffeemaker, and how to set the timer before he goes to bed. Otis realizes that things have changed, but Marlena assures him that it is about learning something new, and Otis is for that.

An used Coffee filter

After a few days of new success, Marlena takes another dare. She leaves the grounds from the morning in the pot, and in the evening, gives Otis a lesson on emptying the grounds.

Her biggest dare is yet to come. When they run out of coffee, she has him be the one to notice it and go to the store. She coaches him on keeping up with the cream and sugar supplies as well.English: A 500 gram bag of coffee beans purcha...

The pinnacle is almost here. It arrives when he gets into the habit of bringing her coffee in the morning. My brother-in-law does this for my sister. Marlena gets the master-teacher award because not many students get this far.

Black coffee in a white cup served on a saucer...Learning is about not needing your teacher anymore while understanding your teacher in a new way.


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