Cool Tool of the Week: MindSnacks

Image representing MindSnacks as depicted in C...

When it comes to travel, planning is more than half the fun.  We’re hoping to spend some time in Europe next summer, so my husband, a real map enthusiast, is happily plotting points on the trip. Meanwhile, I’m brushing the cobwebs off all that German that I took in high school and college long, long ago in the 1970’s. I checked into a well-known program with an unrelenting national radio ad campaign (yes, that one), but was put off by both the price (!) and unenthusiastic reviews. Surely, I thought, there’s an app for this.

And there is…or rather are…apps for that—dozens of them. Which should I choose? This advice from Melissa Wiley of Geekmom appealed to the child in me, so I downloaded the apps she recommended.  Eventually, I also discovered MindSnacks.


Like many similar apps, MindSnacks lures us by offering several levels for free.  Then, once we’re hooked by the–ahem—pleasure in learning, the purveyors reel us in for more levels at a modest fee.  As you can see from the opening shot of the free trailer on the company’s website, many subjects are available, including SAT vocabulary. The learning games are visually appealing and great fun to play. I was amazed by how quickly long-forgotten words reappeared in my German vocabulary.mindsnacks2

Even if you’re not planning a trip, it’s good to practice learning…or re-learning. We can’t be sympathetic and helpful teachers without being learners ourselves.


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