Super Site of the Week: Smithsonian

I’m not sure how we’ve missed this one, but I’m certainly glad to have found it. Last week mental_floss magazine’s website featured a post, “5 Cool Things We Learned from The Incredible Bionic Man.”  The piece included a link to the Smithsonian Channel’s 46-minute video, which is truly, well, incredible.  Since I was already at the page, I snooped a bit for items related to my subject area, anatomy & physiology.


Right away, I found a biotechnology article on the making of Humulin, the synthetic form of human insulin. A link on that page led to a piece about the advent of synthetic growth hormone, and the strange and tragic situation that necessitated its creation.  Honestly, today in class, I had shared that story with my second-semester students.  I’m not sure they believed me, but now I have some very accessible and readable proof.

Of course, the Smithsonian literally has something for everyone, no matter what subject or grade level you teach.  There are also many links to outside resources. I click, click, clicked my way to a story about the world’s largest eyeball which belongs to the giant squid. I plan to go back for a visit to “Seriously Amazing,” which tests your “SI-Q” in a quiz format.

This is a site no proudly self-proclaimed geek should miss. Start your tour at Smithsonian.


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