Super Site of the Week: Education Portal

edportalWhen I lecture to my classes, I sometimes realize that I’m droning on too long without a break. Other times, I run out of alternate ways to explain challenging or abstract concepts. And sometimes, I just want to emphasize an important idea without repeating myself. Videos can be a good solution for these problems, but searching for the perfect flick can leave me feeling like Goldilocks.  The clip must be not too long, not too simple, not too complex, and definitely not too boring.

Education Portal offers a sizable but manageable library of videos for each of the 187 courses offered on its site. I checked out the “Biology 105: Anatomy & Physiology” course, looking for videos that would be useful in the two topics that I covered in my classes today. The section on the skeletal system featured videos for each portion of the skeleton, and each lesson clocked in at about three minutes. Anne found several promising clips for her introductory and developmental psychology courses. I hope to get Brian’s take on the composition course tomorrow.

To see a listing of courses that might offer helpful videos for your courses, click here. Short is good. Relevant is better. Free is fabulous.


One comment on “Super Site of the Week: Education Portal

  1. Wow! I hope that your students enjoyed the lessons. I’d love to hear what they thought of our videos.

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