Ending on an Up Note: Raison d’Être

Lifting of the Human Spirit,2001,36x54 ,Oil on...

Lifting of the Human Spirit,2001,36×54 ,Oil on Linen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Despite a rigidly enforced “No Whining” policy in my classes, my assignments are sometimes met with audible groaning. I feel like the Grinch. But my students know that I stand ready to help them as they struggle. I know that if we do our job well, many people I’ll never meet will benefit from what my students are learning.  The students meet a challenge, I have a reason to get up in the morning, and people who need help in the future all benefit.  Win/Win/Win.

“No one is useless in the world who lightens the burden of others.” —Charles Dickens


One comment on “Ending on an Up Note: Raison d’Être

  1. Balos is new to me with this post. The figures are sculpted, athletic and intense in focus. I wonder if their appearance is the result of being “lifted.” To be pulled up with ropes sounds passive, as if the lifters do all the work, but to ascend to the place of the lifters, implies being morphed from the one lifted to the one able to lift one’s self and others. A student came in yesterday with a draft theme, very well written but with a few fragments. She was laboring in confusion about how to attach a fragment to a previous sentence or convert it to a complete thought. I demonstrated with a fragment in her paper and started to do the same on another. She exclaimed, “No, don’t tell me. I want to go work on it myself.” She will be a lifter soon. Back to Balos, it would be all the more engrossing to see close up this 36X54 painting since the effect is moving even with the small computer image.

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