Headed to Jared

ringsWe watch a lot of TV football at our house. The ads, clearly targeting a male audience, feature trucks, shaving stuff, and ED remedies. As the holidays approached, there was a surprising uptick in jewelry ads, including several scenarios involving “He went to Jared.” Apparently, the fellas need reminders that ladies like to receive jewelry, although this is hardly a modern concept.

After getting the first four batches of fowl out of the way (only two more to go!), “The Twelve Days of Christmas”  carol finally offers a gift a girl can enjoy without plucking and cooking: not one or two or three or four but five gold rings. While some sources suggest that these represent five ring-necked pheasants, my feather-weary self is sticking with the literal interpretation. Five gold rings are something of value.

Receiving something of value is perhaps the greatest of all the pleasures in learning. And so, on this Christmas Day, here are five golden gifts that I hope my students will receive every day in my classes:

  1. Knowledge that helps them move forward in their careers.
  2. Information that they can use to improve…and perhaps even save…the lives of others.
  3. Critical thinking skills to help them succeed in other classes and in the rest of their lives.
  4. Certainty that mastering even a big subject like A&P is an achievable challenge.
  5. The assurance that knowledge is an endless ocean, and that sailing upon that sea is a lifelong pleasure

I also want to thank my students for “five gold rings” that they give me:

  1. An awareness, however dim, of all the cool pop culture things that younger people know.
  2. Generous, gentle, and encouraging tips for managing technology.
  3. The fun of sharing my enthusiasm for a subject that has fascinated me for as long as I can remember.
  4. Trusting me enough to participate in activities that may be outside their comfort zone.
  5. The joy of getting up every morning with the happy anticipation of doing a job I really love.

Merry Christmas to all my current and former students, to our hardworking and generous contributors, and to all our faithful readers!

Tomorrow: Back to the birds

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