Let’s Dance

Nine Ladies Dancing

Nine Ladies Dancing (Photo credit: Jonathan_W (@whatie))

Why are the nine ladies in “The Twelve Days of Christmas” dancing?  Maybe they’re trying to improve their grades.  A wealth of research highlights the relationship between movement and learning.  While many K-12 schools have embraced the concept that moving students learn more, instituting “brain breaks” to break up seat time, most college teachers don’t seem to have caught on.

Moreover, getting more exercise in general–often a challenge for busy college students and their teachers–enhances our ability to learn. Take a peek at this short clip from Dnews, which explains how active mice were able to learn more than lazy mice:

I have to remind myself to incorporate movement in my classes.  Some topics, like learning the regions of the body and the motions of muscles, lend themselves to moving around. For more abstract concepts, I need to be more creative. One solution that I used for the topic of cellular respiration led to the finger play that I previously shared in this post.

Have you found a way to get your students dancing? We’d love to hear about it.


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