Keeping the Beat

Today we bid farewell to “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” Our regular contributors will be back next week, ready to tackle the spring term at our college and eager to share their reflections and strategies for teaching. I can’t think of a better send-off than the twelve drummers drumming. If you’ve been watching the bowl games during the break, you must have seen the Gatorade ad below. This chant might even get a couch potato like me up an moving. Such is the power of rhythm.

The connection between learning and rhythm is the subject of ongoing investigation. Last fall, Newsweek featured an online article highlighting this phenomenon. In part, it read:

There is an intimate link between language, learning, and music, or, more specifically, rhythm.

To learn more about new investigations supporting the relationship between rhythm and leaning, click here.

Now I know why so many of the mnemonics that I learned in med school had that clickety-clack rhythm. And I suppose the fact that I still recall them so clearly proves the staying power that rhythm can impart to learning.


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