Ending on an Up Note: Play Nice

Doing unto others as we’d like to have done to us sounds so good…but it isn’t always easy. Wednesday’s offering from http://www.xkcd.com is refreshing in its honesty. We’ve all had days when simply being nice is a tall order.



For days when we feel like the fedora-wearing pal above, we might remember the words of Mother Teresa, who knew a thing or two about consideration:

“We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.”

For a different—but totally fascinating—treat from xkcd, click here and see how long it takes you to figure out what’s happening.  Too cool. (And I admit that it took me a while to catch on.)

Enjoy your weekend.


One comment on “Ending on an Up Note: Play Nice

  1. kencasey99 says:

    Karen, thanks for the reminder–I think the answer to the question “Where does it?” is “infinity” we need infinite kindness.

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