Classhack: The WOW Factor

Pendleton_ArthurThis week’s hack is a gift from Arthur Pendleton, Associate Professor of Professional and Technical Studies. Professor P. introduces his students to the unique concepts and terminology of the business world.  During a recent impromptu chat on the “grand staircase” at the Fort Campbell Education Center, I prodded Art to share a favorite Classhack. At that moment, one of his students bounded up the same steps. Art asked the young man what activity had made an impression on him. Without hesitation, the student offered this hack:

During  a discussion of the potential for growth and innovation in sole proprietorship businesses, Art shares that the founders of Google started their business with about $300,000 and some credit cards. Then he invites the class members to grab their phones and literally google Google to find the current value of that investment. smartphones-classroomThe answer? Depending on which source students select, the figure is around $350 billion-with-a-B.

The student’s obvious pleasure in relating this remarkable fact shows that Art’s strategy was much more effective than simply offering Google as an example during a lecture. Weeks later, this learner not only remembers the lesson, he still enjoys it.

How is this wonderful? Let me count the ways:

  • Students do their own on-the-spot research to answer an intriguing question.
  • Students realize that what they’re learning in business classes has valuable application in the real world.
  • Students take a step toward becoming life-long learners while using a technology that they already own and embrace.

Thanks, Art, for showing us how to leverage that WOW factor—pleasure in learning at its best.



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