FALL – Football, Tailgating, Supporting Our Team!

Iannet’s that time of year again! College football every weekend. You just can’t wait until Saturday! You’re hanging on the edge of your seat rooting for your alma mater. Tailgating (belonging to a group) is at its peak. That feeling you get when your team runs out onto the field (sensual pleasure)! Wearing your team’s colors (something of value). Getting a convoy together to drive to the game (achievable challenge). It seems as though every aspect of your interest and planning focuses on this week’s game.

Co-workers and friends have their “fantasy football” lists in front of them painstakingly trying to pick the winning combinations. Interest and investment of time is at an all-time high.footballteam1

Sound familiar? Well, it should. How many of you are finding yourself caught up in the hoopla surrounding this phenomena? In my household and the rest of my family, almost everybody discusses football and how favorite teams could have won if they had just run that critical play differently. What was the coach thinking when he ordered that substitution? Can’t the referees see past the ends of their noses? Finally, the winners relish their team’s victory.

We are truly invested. Not only do we watch “our” team, but we also watch others to determine their chances of reaching the national championship. We listen to Sports Central. We subscribe to sports magazines. You know the routine.

watching footballWe Are INVESTED – invested in the planning, strategies and outcomes of teams for a few weeks out of the year. Then it’s back to our normal day-to-day existence, and we find ourselves saying, “Just wait til next year!

How invested are we about things that may last longer than those few exciting weeks? Do we find that we are lacking investment in the education of our students? Do our students put forth the effort needed to win the game? I wonder what would be the outcome of the “education game” if we were as excited as we are about sports. What if we developed our educational game plans as meticulously as we do our sports plans?

If we want to produce Heisman trophy winners, then why shouldn’t we invest the same amount of time into our class preparations? We can cheer as we watch  our students complete the play, make the TD and then go on for the extra point. What a feeling!Nebraska-vs-Northwestern-2013

During the next few weeks, challenge yourself to revisit your game plan. Meet with your support staff. See where you could make critical substitutions and mix up the plays. You may find yourself in the National Championship Game of Education.

See you at the Super Bowl!


One comment on “FALL – Football, Tailgating, Supporting Our Team!

  1. Not being a football fan, I had to back up a step and think about baseball or hoops. But hey, everyone watches the Superbowl, right, and a college bowl game or two? It takes some doing to get more students to realize that they are the players, not the fans looking on. Of course, they’re not paid, or if amateurs, on national television. Maybe more student work should be nationally televised.

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