Ending on an Up Note: Getting the Job Done

We hear a lot about teamwork, but you won’t see a more impressive demonstration than this time-lapse video of an Amish barn raising. I’ll bet you can’t watch for three-and-a-half minutes and not feel the itch to get up and do something productive.


Some random observations:

  • The mission is clear, so there’s no need to wordsmith a mission statement.
  • The objective did not need discussion. The objective was to build/a/barn. No arguing about how to measure success!
  • All workers have bought in to the build-a-barn plan.
  • Everyone works together until the barn is finished…no changing the barn plan, starting over, or deferring completion for another day.

Did anything else occur to you as you watched? Tell us about it!

Enjoy your weekend. (Maybe you could build a barn.)


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