Classhack: Available by Appointment

???????????????????????????????This week’s classhack is a gift from Robert Smith, who teaches Office Systems Technology, including a popular class in medical office procedures. Most of us have had the unhappy experience of calling a medical facility to schedule an appointment, only to be “greeted” by a long wait on hold followed by a response that was snippy, disinterested, or unhelpful. However, if the person on the other end of the line had completed Smith’s class, the experience would be very different.medical-office-receptionist-jobs-i8

Smith has successfully “flipped” his classes, allowing students to view his videotaped lectures online before coming to class. Class time is dedicated to projects that allow learners to practice the skills taught in lectures in scenarios featuring simulations of tasks assigned in real medical offices. For example, after viewing information about scheduling, students receive a list of patients needing appointments from a fictional office manager. When students have mastered this portion of the curriculum, they progress to audio simulations of phone conversations with clients calling to schedule services.

medical-receptionistI’d love to visit Smith’s class and listen in. Something tells me that not every “client” is easy to accommodate. Students acquire something of value: the ability to deal with sticky situations politely, efficiently, and with professional confidence. Scheduling becomes an achievable challenge for both the staff and the clients of the offices where these students will work.


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