Classhack: Does That Complete Your Order?

drivethruToday’s classhack is a gift from our own Brian Coatney.  When students fail to follow instructions, we don’t know whether to sigh, scream, or give up and go home. Brian’s students sometimes don’t follow his very explicit directions for completing and submitting assignments in his writing classes. In an effort to help his learners understand the importance of following instructions, he sent them the following modern parable:

Greetings class, an analogy came to mind that illustrates what it’s like to a teacher to get an assignment that doesn’t match the instructions in the assignment prompt.

Let’s say you go to the drive through and place a food order to take home, only to get home and find that the cook prepared something different from the order. The cook might have thought one of the following:

“I don’t know how to cook this, so I’ll cook something different.”

“I think it would taste better a different way, so I’ll make it my way.”drive-thru2

“You don’t need to eat that much, so I’ll leave off part of your order.”

“I can’t remember the order, so I’ll make a guess and hope I get it right instead of reviewing the order.”

“I’ll put the ketchup on the milkshake and pour a little milkshake on the French fries.”

You get the idea.

Mr. C


Do you have a strategy that highlights the importance of following directions? Send it to us, and we’ll share.

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