Classhack: Today in History

on-this-day-in-history-it-s-funny-what-a-picture-can-do-ira-political-poster-1298515617This week’s classhack is a gift from Wayne Goolsby, a member of the HCC adjunct faculty who teaches history at our Ft. Campbell campus. Goolsby’s classes are always popular, and it’s easy to see why. Passing by the open door of his classroom on my way home in the evenings, I am often tempted to pop in and take a seat. He’s always holding forth on something interesting. Wayne piques his students’ interest even before each class begins by highlighting an “On This Day in History…” item at the top of his attendance sign-in sheet every day.

Asked to identify which topics his students find most interesting, Goolsby notes that topics related to Abraham Lincoln are always popular. We also discussed some of the digital resources currently available to students of history. He speculated that some of these might encourage students to explore primary sources, since many learners have yet to appreciate the importance of original documents.Lincoln

This week’s edition of Time magazine mentioned Today’s Document, an educational app from the U.S. National Archives. The site provides a daily dose of history in the form of a historical document or photo. The app is available free for iOS and Android.

The online magazine Slate presents a regular feature, “The Vault,” that often focuses on slice-of-life artifacts from times gone by. Click here for a great example.

And if you are beginning to feel a bit, ahem, “historic” yourself, consider that today’s college freshmen and sophomores were in kindergarten on  9/11.


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