Tech Tuesday: Privacy, Part 4 – Social Media Settings

Each Tuesday, pleasureinlearning brings you Tech Tuesday.  Come back each week for more ways to become efficient and effective in your use of technology. 


You hear a lot of talk about computer security and personal privacy.  This series will explore privacy and the role you play as a consumer and as an individual.

Once you have decided to use a social media outlet, you must still make wise choices in how you use it.  This involves both the settings you choose and the things that you share.

Unfortunately, social media sites are not “set it and forget it” when it comes to privacy settings. They are frequently changed and so you should regularly audit your privacy settings.  Tie it to something important… like your monthly smoke detector test, or your monthly breast self-exam (it is Breast Cancer Awareness month, after all), or your monthly poker night.  Pick something.  Maybe even do it now!

Facebook is the most commonly used social media site in the US, so here are two of the settings pages that you should look at today.  You can see the settings I’ve chosen.

Facebook Privacy


Facebook Privacy 2

Stay tuned for next week’s post. We’ll look at what you should and should not post on your social media sites.



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