Classhack: Accounting Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt(2)Today’s classhack is a gift from Ryan Ray, who teaches a variety of classes, including accounting courses, for the Professional & Technical Studies division at our college. Ray realizes that encouraging students to read their accounting textbooks is a challenge, especially when the topic is “less than scintillating.” Ray deploys a tactic suggested by Dr. Pam Petty of Western Kentucky University, who offered the convocation address and workshops at our college earlier this year.

Ray poses a series of questions that require his students to search for the answers within their assigned reading. Like children racing to find Easter eggs, the learners gather up bits of information, acquiring knowledge of accounting as they go. Ray notes that this strategy has improved preparation and comprehension in his classes.search_books

Ray’s experience reminds us of an earlier post by our colleague Stuart Zieman, who has posted about his success in using a similar method in very different courses. (Click here to view Zieman’s thoughts on “Connecting Techs to Texts.”) Thanks to Ryan and Stuart for reminding us that reading is critical for success in all college classes and for sharing their experiences. Thanks, too, to Dr. Petty, whose influence continues to support pleasure in learning for us and our students.


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