Bonus Post: The Pleasure of Voting

If you have voted today, you have experienced a unique and priceless pleasure:

  • You belong to a group of U.S. citizens who treasure and exercise their freedom
  • You have met an achievable challenge by registering to vote, finding your polling place, and informing yourself about your choices.
  • You have owned something of value. If countless fellow citizens gave up their very lives so that we can do this, we must honor their sacrifice by doing it.
  • Voting is the ultimate expression of autonomy. Your vote is yours and yours alone.
  • After you vote, you get a sticker…a small dose of sensual pleasure. My precinct used paper ballots this time, and I did enjoy filling in the boxes…seemed to feel a bit more like a “real” vote.
  • This evening’s results may bring surprise and perhaps even some humor.…stay tuned for election results.

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