Ruining Students

karen“Dr. D, you’ve ruined me!”

That’s what my student wailed. Let’s call her Jessica, since that is her real name and she told me I could use it.

Jessica is small of stature, large of spirit, and husky of voice. She wears camo to class, not as a fashion statement, but because she is an active-duty soldier and those are her work clothes. I recently spotted a windshield sticker proclaiming “I’m a dog tags and combat boots kinda girl.” That belongs on Jessica’s car, but she probably drives a Hummer.

And she is precisely the reason that I get up every morning.

“Oh, dear,” I replied. “I certainly hope not! How have I ruined you?”

droplets3“Well, I was getting a drink at the water fountain, and I saw the water droplets all over the place.  And I thought ‘surface tension’ and ‘hydrogen bonds.’ I can’t even get a drink of water without thinking of this stuff.”

As Dr. Sheldon Cooper would say, “Bazinga!”

artificial-retina-1What is the goal of education after all? On our best days, we teachers ruin our students forever by helping them to see the world in a way they never have before. And once they’ve viewed the world in this new way, there’s no going back. They are indeed ruined.

So thanks, Jessica. You’ve given me the inspiration for my new business cards:



2 comments on “Ruining Students

  1. YeVette says:

    I love your new business cards…I hope to continue to ruin students as well.

  2. Brian Leslie Coatney says:

    Ditto on the new business cards.

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