Students to the Rescue

B picRescue may not be dramatic, but it might save inconvenience. Students often catch my typos or other misfires on due dates or instructions. I prep them to expect those, and I greatly appreciate and reward their input. This week has already produced three rescues.

The first came when a student noticed “though” when I meant “thought” in a written tutorial. Instead of needing to ask the college for a proofreader on the payroll, I feature a potential class full of them, also reinforcing that the writing process includes inviting feedback from fresh eyes.rescue1.jpg

The second rescue occurred with a student at the teacher station discussing his theme draft. He needed more help than was feasible, given the students waiting to discuss their drafts. Looking at the tutor’s hours posted by me on Blackboard, I reviewed them aloud with him. A voice popped up from a waiting student bold enough to interrupt. She pointed to a bulletin board poster announcing the new writing center hours. Further, it was open right then, so I was able to walk him down and introduce him to our wonderful tutor, Mindy Weiss.

Wait-A-MinuteThe third rescue occurred when a veteran in another class mentioned that our next class day would be on Veterans Day. Our class schedule didn’t reflect that the Fort Campbell campus would be closed, which I hadn’t thought of. Further, Reese Bailey was on the schedule to give his great motivational talk in conjunction with extensive training in use of the college’s online library resources. It was much easier to learn of this mistake there in class so that we could discuss alternate plans.

It’s great when students rescue me. As someone whose job includes offering correction, it’s only right to encourage a reciprocal arrangement.

2 comments on “Students to the Rescue

  1. Well, Brian, you are not alone. Today’s edition of the Kentucky New Era tells us that Saturday’s Alhambra movies will include Humphrey Bogart in “The Big Sheep.” Now that’s a baaaaad one!

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