Tech Tuesday: Facebook is for Old People, Part 3

Each Tuesday, pleasureinlearning brings you Tech Tuesday.  Come back each week for more ways to become efficient and effective in your use of technology. 


This is the last week of our review of teen apps/websites. This week I’ll talk about Kik and apps that allow anonymous sharing with people who are nearby. I’ll also point out the teen underground of Reddit.

Kik Messenger

  • Description: Think of this as the new AOL Instant Messenger. You set up a username and then you message back and forth with your friends.
  • Appeals to: People looking to hook up. People looking for social networks where they don’t have to be friends with their parents (*cough*Facebook*cough*).
  • Warnings: This app may seem fine on the surface, but the problem is the illicit subculture that has developed around it. Basically, it is like a college with a reputation for being a party school.  Such a school has a reputation for a reason and people go to that school because they want to be a part of the party. The app has become very very popular for sexting. Kik usernames are reportedly shared through sites like reddit to solicit cyber meetups.

Rape Me – Ok, that’s not the name of an app (that I know of!), but there is concern over an entire category of apps where users share text and images with people nearby.  You can imagine the negative implications.

  • Examples: Yik Yak, Whisper, Blendr
  • Description: Each of these apps is intended to share text or video content in such a way that nearby people receive it or can view it. Often these apps require no authentication or are anonymous. Might be a great way to tell friends in 3rd period History what was on the 1st period test.  Also might be a good way to get raped.  Just sayin’.
  • Appeals to: Social types.
  • Warnings:   Is the description and title warning enough?  If you want to read more about an individual app, the Wikipedia articles are usually a good place to start.



  • Description: Public bulletin board website. Used for sharing other web content and original content. Posts are voted up and down by users.
  • Appeals to: Technical individuals. People wishing to participate in a community.
  • Warnings: No email address required to sign up, thus young users are not inhibited by a lack of email address. Similar to craigslist, content may be explicit or solicitous in nature, but usually isn’t. Wide appeal means that there are many people using (and policing) the site.


Last week, I promised you (all 2 of you) some big news.  This is the last Tech Tuesday post because I’m going to be expanding my family from 2 to 5 over Christmas vacation. We’re not having triplets, we’re adopting! Needless to say, we’ll have some adjusting to do, so I’m paring back my commitments.  Hopefully I’ll be able to pop in for a guest post every now and then. It’s been a pleasure facilitating some technology learning amongst you.

Stay tuned for some new and exciting content changes here at pleasureinlearning.


One comment on “Tech Tuesday: Facebook is for Old People, Part 3

  1. YeVette says:

    I have really enjoyed all the updates on technology. I was unaware of many of the things you shared, so thanks for bringing me up to date. I am excited to hear about your family growing. What an amazing Christmas gift!

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