Rescued by a Friend

Bb-glowing-gift-openToday I’m grateful for another gift that I’ve already unwrapped this year…the very special helping hand offered…and offered repeatedly…by Anne and Brian, aka World’s Best Office Mates. Maybe it’s happened to you: You return from a class that didn’t go anything like you’d hoped. Or a meeting that went south in the worst possible way. Or you’ve picked up the phone to receive unwelcome news about a friend or family member. Whatever the precipitating event, we’ve all had days that were simply nightmarish.

When dealing with that “surely this is all a bad dream” situation, it’s good to have friends who wake you from the terror and then reassure you that you are still loved and valued. That’s what Brian and Anne do.

So Merry Christmas, my cubicle buddies. These pups are for you:


Who would YOU nominate for Santa’s “nice” list this year? Share with our readers, please!


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