Classhack: My Favourite Scientist

headingAmazing how ideas follow us around until we are forced to pin them to the (virtual) page, isn’t it? Hubby and I recently saw and enjoyed The Imitation Game, based on the life of Alan Turing. Today, while reviewing the videos I plan to use in the genetics portion on my A&P class, I viewed “Gregor Mendel—My Favourite Scientist,” one of a series produced by Nottingham Trent University. Too many students completely lack any perspective on the history of science, which is often the juiciest part, so I try to introduce a bit of science history when I can. The My Favourite Scientist series is a great resource, providing brief videos by contemporary scientists (male AND female, too!) who describe their heroes with warmth, humor, and charmingly simple animations. Here’s the one on Gregor Mendel. Oh, how I envy her accent.

There are many more in the series, including Darwin, Semmelweiss (just for you, Beth!), Farrady, Einstein, Mr. Spock himself, and, yes,  Alan Turing.  You can find them all on YouTube or by visiting My Favourite Scientist.

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