Classhack: PicCollage

As we’ve noted before, people love stickers. My students get a kick from little smilies on quizzes and fancier 3-D or scented stickers on exams. Everyone in A&P is addicted to applying the colorful sticky “sign here” arrows to models and illustrations for labs and study groups. And, of course, my students love using their tech gadgets, especially their fancy phones.

If you combine cool stickers and fancy phones, what do you get? PicCollage.

Danielle Pleas, a delightful and diligent student who enjoys helping her classmates, has mastered the art of microphotography using her cell phone. After capturing shots of assigned slides through the microscope, she uses the PicCollage app to label pertinent features, then shares them with the members of her study group.

Here are some samples of her work:


PicCollage is available free for iOS at the App store and for Android on GooglePlay. Learn more at or view their blog at

Can you imagine a way to use this cool app in your discipline? Why not pose it as a challenge to your students?






One comment on “Classhack: PicCollage

  1. myevette2000 says:

    I am passing this idea along to a certain college student I know. Thanks.

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