Snow Bound or Muscle-bound?

karenAs Brian wrote Monday, it’s good to get back to normal, whatever that may be. My A&P students are mostly a diligent lot, and as the snow piled up and the week wore on, their emails to me increased in proportion to their anxiety. We already use an online learning platform in my classes, so I reassured them that they could actually read their texts and complete the assignments. I also added a few items to spice things up and take the place of the quiz each class missed.

My first-semester students were learning the names of the muscles. Ordinarily, we would use the models in our lab to help with this task. Their online assignments had lots of pictures, but, as I often remind them, people aren’t paper dolls. I asked each student to find a picture featuring a photo of a real human body in a magazine or online (with a no-porn-please proviso). Next, the students were to number ten of the muscles, making a key to accompany their numbered photo. Here’s a sampling of what I received:photo 1photo 2photo 3


We returned to class yesterday, and the students participated in a lab identifying muscles on the models in our room. I was pleased and surprised by how much they had learned on their own. To be honest, I felt, well, a bit redundant.

There was obvious pleasure in learning as they quizzed one another in groups, but they had clearly felt the pleasure of autonomy as they took responsibility for their own learning during the bad weather. This teacher is properly humbled.


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