Hurry Without Worry

Brian picWhen someone tells you, “Hurry!” the word likely includes emotions of alarm, worry, or frustration. Otherwise, who would get moving? However, there is hurry that maintains composure, and there is hurry that loses composure. One leads to better results than the other, mainly because it’s difficult to concentrate and stay effective when negative emotions steal supremacy from a cool spirit.

Emotions are great! They just make unreliable compasses for choice. They are enjoyed, or at least endured, only when expressed safely by the supreme capacity of being human—choice.todo

Now that this philosophical hors d’oeuvre has inspired or irritated you, consider that for much of the working world, there is often more to do than time to do it, which means that certain tasks get set aside, or else they get done in less spectacular fashion than originally planned. Who can do a day’s doings all in spectacular fashion?

Is guilt creeping up behind anybody? Shun that. Save guilt for a real sin.

92-Be-Quick-but-Dont-Hurry-John-WoodenIt’s also true that a crisis or a major inconvenience can throw the sturdiest schedule into a dither at first. The only dither I like is Dagwood’s boss, Julius C. Dithers, in the comic strip Blondie, and only because I can laugh at him from a distance as a character of genius fiction.

We all have to move fast at times, no problem, and we have to redo schedules and priorities. When having to act with hurry, however, make sure that your shoelaces are tied.



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