R2: Thinking About the Library

ReadingthuRsday-R2I went to the library this weekend. I know that comes as no surprise. I am amazed every time I go to the library about the diversity of folks who gather in that place. I have a delightful book, The Delights of Reading: Quotes, Notes & Anecdotes by Otto L. Bettmann (1987). This quote stands out to me because it captures America’s quest for freedom of information as well as our luck in having libraries in our towns.delights

“In no other country of the world is the nation so much and systematically instructed outside the school as in America…one more lively testimony to the tireless instinct for personal perfection. The background of all of this is the great national stock of public library books. Even the poorest person can study them in the most delightful surroundings.” —Hugo Munsterberg

I encourage you to get a library card and support your community library.



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