Classhack: Sporcle

sporcleI have found the following website,, which I have gotten a great deal of use out of. I initially found it as a nice way to challenge my own brain and take some quizzes over topics I liked. Since then, I have found that this site has a lot of great uses. Other than for personal enjoyment, I liked the fact that you can see your results and how you stack up against other people. The way these results are displayed turned out to be good ways to introduce these topics (collecting and displaying results) in my statistics classes.

I have also found a lot of good quizzes that I try to share with my colleagues when it is in their field. For example, this morning I found a featured quiz which was about the parts of the body which are involved in human digestion. You had to click them in order. I thought this would be good to share with my Biology colleagues. Several of them already replied to me that they liked the idea.Diverse Young Adults

I have also used this site in some of the summer programs/workshops that I have been involved in with area school kids. Since today’s youth are very tech-savvy and have attention spans which require almost constant interaction, I have found these quizzes to be a good way to give them an educational….but fun….way to talk about some topics.

Check it out! There is something for everyone…..even if it is just playing around for personal amusement.

2 comments on “Classhack: Sporcle

  1. myevette2000 says:

    Thanks, Pat. I plan to “play around” with this site and passing it along to some college students I know.

    • I found a lot of good games for A&P here. I especially liked “A-Z of the Human Body.” Even with the help of my English-teaching office mate, I only got 8 out of 10 on the “3 Letter Body Parts”…rib? Hip? Who knew?

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