Classhack: YouTube Playlists

keep-calm-get-organized-blueYou may have used YouTube videos to enhance your classes. When students learn that I’m interested in using videos, they are eager to share their own finds, often presenting me with “gifts” that are as good or better than my originals. Sometimes class discussions lead to students mentioning topics from the news, television shows, or movies, and we go to the web to learn more. My own web surfing surprises me with some really useful treasures, too.

Problems arose as my collection grew. Having all my goodies in a file marked “Favorites” became an unwieldy mess, and I was reluctant to waste precious class time searching for that great clip I’d saved among 250 others. Finally, I made a playlist for each chapter that I teach, as well as separate lists for “Inspiration” and “Funnies,” for those days when I really, really need to show one of those.

My playlist system often reminds me that I have stashed some great stuff that would otherwise have been forgotten. Plus, it allows me to store comments like, “This is the best one,” or “Stop after the first 3 minutes,” or “Explain terminology before playing.” The lists are easy to generate and modify, too. Here’s a screen shot of part of my playlist for the chapter on cell biology:


For easy-to-follow instructions on how to make your own playlists, click here. Your lectures may become more lively as your students help you find the best resources.


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    Love this!

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