Summertime and the Reading is Easy…

ReadingthuRsday-R2I am gearing up for summertime. I found my flip flops. I bought some sunscreen. I decided on some projects I want to complete. More importantly, I started my reading list for summer. I started tracking down where I can borrow most of the books, and of course, my local public library was my first stop. Happily, I am able to obtain almost all of my books from the library.090528-vacation-reading.hmedium

Summer reading is different from winter reading. When I read in the winter, I almost always curl up in a warm spot in the house. A cat usually helps me read by either sitting on me or trying to sit on my book. However, when I read in the summer, I am all over the place. I read inside the house and outside, seeking either shade or sun depending on the temperature and mood. I usually hope to read on an airplane. I always wish to read on the beach. The feel of sand on my feet and a book in my hand is just too grand. I find I am a little more adventuresome in my reading choices in the summer because I have the illusion of more time to read. I seek the air-conditioned library a little more often. I dream of going to secondhand book stores and yard sales and finding some literary treasures.

hammockSummertime and reading are joined together in my mind. I think this relationship goes back to riding the bus during the summer as a child and traveling to the local public library. I can still remember the feel of going into the library to seek new books to read for a few weeks and then reading one all the way home. My mother wanted quiet, and I just wanted something to read. Sometimes my choices were books I had already read because I liked the way they sounded, or I liked the stories so much. More often, my choices were new books I had not encountered. Whatever my choices, I loaded up as many as I could legally check out. While I know we did not always ride the bus to the library, it is that image of me sitting on the bus reading all the way home that stays with me so many years later.Kid-Reading-in-the-Car

So, this summer I once again begin my journey with books. I have some favorites I wish to reread. I have some new authors I want to try out. I also have plans for some library browsing and book shopping to round out my selections. I hope each of you has some time to read in the sun, hopefully, at the beach.

We are taking a break from our blog over the summer. We begin posting our blog back in August. So, as you can see, I really will have some extra time to read. Enjoy!


One comment on “Summertime and the Reading is Easy…

  1. Brian Leslie Coatney says:

    This line in yours is my favorite: “because I liked the way they sounded, or I liked the stories so much.”

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