Pleasure in Completion

Brian picRunners compete in races of varying length, or they simply run a race as an achievement in itself, with no concern for placing or winning anything. Golfers do the same; in fact, most golfers do the same. Goals run a wide spectrum, and sometimes the goal is simply pleasure, or perhaps simply, “I did that.”

The school year is almost over, and it is an accomplishment to complete it for faculty as well as students. A year completed is a year of experience. For students, it means a year closer to a degree or credential. One of my students is finishing college algebra and English 102 and wrote in a journal entry, “I am burned out with math and writing and am glad that there are only two weeks left in the term.”110401-N-HC601-027

Soon that feeling of weariness will fade into the background, and the pleasure of completion will far outweigh the tedious, cumulative burden down the stretch, as the end appears in sight. Most classes have students who can go either way in the closing weeks of a term or school year. It is a special thing to behold resolution set in for those who choose to persevere to the finish, or even stretch for a better grade.

bravoAn old mentor used to talk about three things: commission, cost, and completion. Commission is a time of fresh desire and enrollment. Cost, of course, means the sweat and price paid. Completion is the crown, even if it is your own crown of your own intention.

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