Read Anything Strange Lately?

ReadingthuRsday-R2Summer, summer, how I miss thee! The morning strolls, the sea glass treasure hunts, the time to teach my dog more stupid tricks, the endless time to read whatever I darn well please.  I am “pleased” by a mixture of books that are amusing, challenging, edifying, intriguing, and not-what-I-usually-order. Now I bore my disinterested friends with tidbits from these books. Sample: The native peoples of South America were puzzled by Spanish explorers’ fascination with gold, because the locals thought gold made nice decoration but was clearly useless for making weapons and tools. (Source: Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari)

We take our access to an endless variety of wordstuffs for granted. Day after day, Anne and Cynthia witness fabulous books lingering unread on our library shelves, waiting for someone to grab them and whoop, “Hey! I get to read this! And nobody can stop me.” Not everyone has this privilege.

Lisa Bu, who came to the U.S.A. from China, shares her experiences with books in this TED talk. My favorite quote: “The Bible is interesting but strange.” Treat yourself to a six-minute visit with Ms. Bu as she explains “How Books Changed My Life.”

What did you read this summer? Send me an email, and I’ll share your thoughts.

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